Friday, September 12, 2008

Prep for Hurricane Ike

As Hurricane Ike comes barreling towards Houston, we are preparing for the worst (a couple weeks without power, shattered glass, etc.) but hoping for the best! Although this post in not exactly green-oriented, I thought I'd share some tips we've picked up from folks who have been through many of these storms (Ike will be our first hurricane experience - I'm NOT looking forward to it).
In no particular order:

Step #1: Barricade any big windows against strong winds (with this category 2 storm, we'll see winds up to 80 mph). The photo of the back of our house shows the barricade my fiance put up over the back windows.
Step #2 Put tape over windows in an X or a star shape. This method is to keep hit glass from shattering into a million pieces.
Step #3: Place saran wrap between the drain and plug in all of your bathtubs, then fill to the brim. If you lose electricity, this reserved water will enable you to flush the toilet. The plastic wrap ensure a tight seal over the drain.
Step #4: Load up on non-perishable items and bottles of water (we might have quite a large recycling trip in our near future!).
Step #5: Bring all outdoor furniture, potted plants, the grill, and other possible projectiles into your garage.
Step #6: Make sure you have plenty of candles, matches, batteries, and flashlights in a central location.
Step #7: Gather up board games, books, magazines, etc. to keep your mind off of what is happening outside!
Step #8: Load up on ice, and store in big coolers to keep perishable foods fresh.
Step #9: Purchase a battery-operated radio so you can keep track of the storm if the power goes out.
Step #10: Wash and dry all of your dirty laundry before the storm hits. This way you will have clean clothes and bedding throughout the duration of the power outage.
We're just planning on sitting tight, or "hunkering down" as the folks down here call it.
My thoughts are with those who have left their homes due to mandatory evacuations, and everyone else who will be impacted by Ike.
It may be quite some time until I can post again. Stay safe if you are in Eastern Texas!

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